he Villa Buonriposo offers a room used as a hostel for pilgrims in transit along the Via Francigena.

It is crucial to show the credential, document certifying the status of pilgrim.
The reception in a private home is a great opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the area which you cross and enter into a relationship with those who live, starting friendships often destined to last long.
In the Middle Ages the pilgrim was often housed in private homes because, according to the Gospel, by opening the doors welcomed the Christ. In addition the traveler who came from far carried with him the news, the stories, the knowledge, the culture of his country and of the places visited.
The stranger was seen as a resource, not only economic but also cultural, a role that unfortunately today is largely lost and the Buonriposo we can recover.


- Places: n. 6 in a single room
- bathroom
- breakfast
- Arriving pilgrims and registration from 16.00 to 19.00

Podere Buonriposo, 22 - Strada Provinciale 53 Orcia/Socenna km 13 - 53026 Pienza (SI) - Italy - info@dimorabuonriposo.it